Monday, July 22, 2024

Living an Attitude of Gratitude

I became a widow in my mid-40s when my previous husband died of laryngeal cancer, and a local healing center became my home away from home as I learned to heal from my grief and to heal my life. I started reading books like You Can Change Your Life by Louise Hay and The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. These two books changed my life dramatically!

I've always seen the silver lining in whatever life brought my way, but to actually give attention to conscious gratitude for these things was a new concept. I read that Louise Hay, who I admire very much for all that she overcame and accomplished, immediately thanked her bed and mattress for a good night's sleep every morning upon waking. I learned that the spiritual teachers that I was following like Dr. Wayne Dyer did similar things, always pausing and taking a moment to be thankful and grateful for ALL that happened in their lives, inherently seeing the good in it all, and I started to do the same.

When I started to do this, and to make sure that at the end of each day I reflected upon it and gave thanks for three things from that day, my days started to get better and I started to heal a lot of my past traumas. I have a section in my planner for three daily gratitudes and I fill it out before I go to bed every evening and I wake up giving thanks for my day ahead. 

I had inherited my late father-in-law's "old man car" that was definitely NOT my style and I wanted a different car, one that was more my style. I gave thanks for three things about my current car in order to manifest a new one because you can't be in a negative frame about what you currently have and attract something better. Attracting what you desire to add to your life begins with being grateful for what you already have!

My current husband and I started shopping for a new one in the meantime, found it and got approved for a loan and my younger son was getting his driver's license so he was going to buy the other car from us, all was working out well. Then he and my younger stepson, who were both living with us and the same age, took a short drive up the road to get takeout and totaled it on the way home when my son became distracted. Instead of him making payments to us, we got an insurance settlement that allowed us to pay off the loan on the new car. Given what they hit and the damage to the car, miraculously neither of the boys was hurt in that accident beyond minor scrapes and bruises, and I feel that part of that was because I manifested the new car using gratitude, but I also wanted that old car "out of my life" be sure to add "for the good of all" to your manifestation! I learned not to have negative feelings towards the old thing I wish to replace.

It has even mitigated my grieving process for when my dad died last year. Rather than focus overly much on the fact that it was right before a milestone birthday for me, I gave thanks, and still do, that I was able to be there that day and to step up to give him the medications he needed at the rate he needed them for him to leave this world with the least suffering and most speed possible. It's not something everyone can do for their most loved people, but I was a nursing student and knew from my experience with my late husband so many years before that pain and fear are what can hold us here, so I gave him Reiki, I told him that I loved him and that it was okay to go, and I monitored him closely so that I could keep him comfortable and allow him to release his tired and sick body so that his spirit could go home.

So, we can look at everything we perceive as "bad" that happens in our lives in two ways: as a blessing or a curse. If we choose to find the blessing in it and give thanks for it, we transform our lives in miraculous ways--even if the miracles are small and within at first because they'll grow and radiate out. If you're in a bad place, start small and build up until you can walk through life with an attitude of gratitude for each moment of it.

Love and Light,

~Diane B. Jarecki 💖

Monday, July 15, 2024

How to Rock the Law of Attraction

The above quote was originally written in the future tense as things like, "I am on the verge of a significant breakthrough" and "All of the hard work that I have been doing is getting ready to pay off ". When things are written in the future tense, then what you wish to manifest is always just there on the horizon, getting ready to happen but just out of reach.

The same thing happens with saying things like, "I want..." because to want implies that there's lack, and lack thinking and affirming again just keeps it always wanting (lacking) in your life. These types of thoughts and words aren't affirmations, manifestations nor using the Law of Attraction.

When you wish to manifest a desire, to make your wildest dreams come true, then what works best is to use "I Am" statements and make them in the present as already happening. This is how the quantum energy field works to attract your success.

This is what Albert Einstein meant when he said, "You can't solve a problem with the same mind that created it." He meant that you had to change your beliefs. What is a belief? It's a thought that you think over and over again. So, if you want to change your life (solve a problem) then you have to first change your thoughts in order to change your beliefs (what created it).

It doesn't matter whether or not you can visualize your desired future, and all of the vision boards in the world won't work if your thoughts and beliefs are keeping it at a distance and your world is remaining the same because you're the same. The best thing that you can do is to start making the changes and look just one step ahead of you on the path knowing the FEEL of what you desire rather than the look of it. Believe it or not, doing so just might create something even better than you can imagine!

I highly recommend a book called "This Time I Dance!" by Tama J. Kieves. It's very inspiring and it truly outlines how to get unstuck from your current life and step into your dream life.

Love and Light,

~Diane B. Jarecki 💖

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Living Healthy, Wild and Free

 To me, living healthy, wild and free means that one doesn't worry about what others think of them and they're living an authentic life that's free of worry, free of stress, free of dis-eases and dis-orders, and free of debt. 

I learned a long time ago, back in my teens, that people will form their opinions of you regardless of what you do and don't do. People judge each other based upon our careers, friends, appearances, facial expressions, clothes, cars, furniture and homes--things that have nothing to do with who we are, and very likely very little to do with how we walk in the world. I read a quote from Dr. Wayne Dwyer once that really stuck with me: "What other people think of me is none of my business," and it captured what I already believed. He calls it one of the highest places that you can get to being.

Living healthy means eating more whole foods, less refined sugars and processed foods, preferably nothing processed past the point of the butcher cutting it and mainly ruminant meats as they're the most bio-available sources of micronutrients for humans to absorb. The building blocks of the human body are protein and fat, not sugars and carbs. Besides protein and fat, the only other two things we need are a bit of natural sea salt and a lot of water. Autoimmune diseases like Parkinson's, MS, ADHD, Hashimoto's; mental health disorders like bipolar, anxiety and panic attacks;  as well as diabetes and heart disease, all are being healed by people returning to the basic diet of our ancestors that's still what we're meant to eat today.

Living wealthy is about appreciating the wealth all around you, the abundance you already have:  your home, car(s), furniture, computer, phones, books, art and decor, etc. Rarely do we think about it, but most of us already own more than we can possibly use. Living healthy, wealthy and free is also about losing our attachment to "stuff", decluttering our homes and our lives, including letting go of things like bad habits and debt that we tend to accumulate.

So, are you ready to live healthy, wealthy and free? If so, check out my Spiritual Life Coaching program to see how I can help you to join me in living the way human beings are meant to live!

Love and Light,

~Diane B. Jarecki 💖